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Urban Heat Islands: The Secret Killer You’ve Never Heard Of, with Jeremy Hoffman PhD

April 16, 2018

Did you know that heat waves kill more people than all the other weather-caused fatalities (like from cyclones, floods etc) put together? Cities around the world are getting baking hot. Extreme heat gets a lot worse when you live in the city, because of all the concrete and asphalt and it’s called an Urban Heat Island. In this episode I speak with the very fun and enthusiastic Jeremy Hoffman PhD from the Science Museum of Virginia about an study he conducted that involved getting volunteer drivers and cyclists to ride around the city in Summer wearing a thermometer. What he got was a map of Virginia’s urban heat island. We talk about the frightening dangers of urban heat islands, but also the exciting opportunity we have to use heat data to catalyze a massive revolution in urban greening. The cities of the future are ours to invent. We can all get to work to plant more urban trees, install more green roofs, and turn old car parks into gardens, and really change the world with easy practical contributions to the built environment. Support the podcast at Download more free resources at

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