Meditation To Unleash Your Creativity to Change the World

February 21, 2019

We need to harness our own creativity in order to come up with the epic ideas and innovations that it takes to change the world. In this guided meditation, How to Save the World podcast host, Katie Patrick, takes you through a guided journey into deep relaxation and walks you through somatic emotional discovery techniques that will help you release negative experiences or troubles that could be blocking your creative flow or momentum in your projects. In this meditation, you will practice visualizing the beautiful future world or project of your dreams and you will discover your untapped reservoir of creative power to make that dream happen. When you are connected to the creative energy, you can develop the power to change the world, do your most spectacular work, and discover your meaning and purpose in life. Carve out 34 quiet minutes from your day and see what ideas and inspiration this meditation leads you to. If haven’t already, sign up to for more free resources.

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