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High Tech Trash & Urban Legibility with Dietmar Offenhuber PhD

November 13, 2017

Where does all your trash really go after you throw it away? Dietmar worked on the MIT Trash Track Project where they attached GPS sensors to hundreds of pieces of garbage and followed it around the country. We talk about the good and bad side of smart cities, the growing trends around data in urban legibility and we explore some significant flaws in the  recycling industry for solving the waste problem. Dietmar has recently authored a book called Waste is Information published by MIT Press and is a consummate intellectual force in the urban data, design, and in particular the complex story behind all the stuff we throw away.

Dietmar Offenhuber is an Assistant Professor at Northeastern University in the departments of Art + Design and Public Policy. He holds a PhD in Urban Planning from MIT, a MS in Media Arts and Sciences from the MIT Media Lab, and a Dipl. Ing. in Architecture from the Technical University Vienna. Dietmar was Key Researcher at the Austrian Ludwig Boltzmann Institute and the Ars Electronica Futurelab, and professor in the Interface Culture program of the Art University Linz, Austria. See more of his work here

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