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Ecology From Space: How New Satellites are Revolutionizing Conservation with Joseph Mascaro PhD

November 27, 2017

Planet Labs has launched nearly 200 very small satellites in the atmosphere that take high resolution images of the earth just about every singe day. Today’s guest Joseph Mascaro is a PhD tropical ecologist. He is the Director of Academic Programs at Planet Labs and has the fascinating role of helping conservation groups and academics use these spectacular images of the earth for good. We talk about how fast-paced agile technology development can be used to support environmental protection, how images help us emotionally connect with issues in a way that plain data tends not, and how (counter to popular environmental belief), going to Mars is essential to protect life on earth. Don’t miss out on this fabulous episode!

If you are conservation organization wanting more information on forest cover, ice-cover, fires or anything you can see from the air, check out


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